Hardware Integrated Solutions

Enterprise solution requires a nonparallel service backing
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Hardware Integrated Solutions

For businesses in manufacturing, technology, engineering and other industries, in order to optimise and perform, there is a need that their applications and processes have to be integrated with some form of hardware in order to truly function in a way that improves business development and is useful to the company. A hardware-integrated solution, simply put, means a system or software, Enterprise or custom application that is combined with outlying hardware in order to connect the two through an app, or other technology systems. As mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets become more integrated into the workplace, especially in hands-on industries, they are constantly evolving to further benefit businesses with expanded functionality. One of these ways is through integrating hardware.

With the help of a integrated solution, you can drive your drive in the direction you want!

The goal of hardware integration is to use mobile devices to replace other, traditional forms of controlling hardware, like a remote. Through a user interface on a mobile device, controlling hardware is made easier, sleek and has more capabilities than from a simple remote with a few buttons, as well as the added benefit of mobility, capability and lower costs.

As businesses get complex, they are increasingly dependent on technology and hardware to be ahead of competitors. Josh Machines has expertise to develop Enterprise or cloud-based applications that integrates hardware and software to meet any such demand of the business. We are capable of delivering any solution and can integrate any hardware with software enterprise solution over web or APP to make your business more efficient.

As the “Internet of Things” become more and more of a reality, combining hardware and software shifts into popularity and has become a goal for many app and mobile developers, as well as a necessity for many businesses. From surveillance systems, to warehouse management, to medical equipment and home appliances, hardware integration makes life easier for consumers and employees, as well as lowers overall costs.

Our team comprises of communications, electronics, computer and embedded system engineers. We focus on projects requiring specialized integrated hardware – software solutions. And we do understand that such Enterprise solution requires a nonparallel service backing. We can go any length to ensure the system is up and running. On demand, we can assist you round the clock just to ensure your business is never short of tech support.

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