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As the world goes digital, many businesses have started to switch over to e-commerce platforms; and with e-commerce development, you’re not only facilitating the outreach of your business but also empowering the local sales. We at JMDS have helped various entities transform their working models and harness the infinite potential of e-commerce. Different industries cater to different customers, e-commerce or m-commerce, we have got you covered.

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With the advancements that the technology has seen in the past few years, it has become quite a hassle-free task to integrate multiple technologies into building one sophisticated system. We at JMDS while building e-commerce platforms always keep the ease of usability as our prime focus and before reinventing the wheel, look for possible integrations as well. Well, today, you don’t need to have multiple logins or systems to manage your delivery or inventory mechanisms, now just manage them all from one single dashboard, and get more time for business development.


The Internet is not what it used to be 5 years back, its usability is evolving faster than ever, and the epicentre of technologists curiosity is now drifting towards user experience. The game of e-commerce has invented so many deciding factors for a sale of a product, that no one ever thought could have even existed in a digital world. We at JMDS, have empowered various businesses and startups alike, to realign their efforts towards the evolving power of user experience and achieve their business goals earlier and with better margins.


With decreasing attention span it is getting harder than ever to have your customer stay on your website, let alone pushing them to buy a product. This is the place where our team of innovators come together and brainstorm unique ways to keep the customer on your website, and at the end get them to hit that Buy Now button. Be it planning rewards through spinners, or ensuring user retention with exit notifications or user recall with automated marketing emails with a twist, we are here to help you meet your sales targets and user growth goals.

Global Expansion

As the internet has got us all into a single room, connected via a plethora of servers, and gateways, it has become imperative for your business to be able to cater to your customers across the globe. Installing international payment gateways and integrating supply chain solutions is what our team excels at. DHL or PayPal, we build you an eCommerce platform that can serve customers from any part of the world.

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Setting up the e- and m- of digital commerce for your business.

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