Times Internet

An Overview of Times Internet

Times Internet is a digital product company with its presence in a broad range of categories includes news, entertainment, marketplaces and transactions. Times Internet is India’s largest digital product creator and provider. They build premium products that keep people updated and make everyday life better. Many products and brands of Times Internet is leading the market, such as; Economics Times, Times of India, Gaana, MX Player, Dineout, Gradeup and many more.

Problem Identification & Investigation

JMDS spends extensive time and resources in identifying the problems being faced by the clients and its investigation. Problem identification and finding its cause is the foremost part of providing any solution. An optimised and customised solution would ensure business growth. Following are the steps involved in finding the issue and the causes:

Discussion with stakeholders

Discussion with stakeholders helps determine the problem they’re going through and better understand their operation, process, and system, a keen understanding of the business results in a better outcome in favour of the organisation.

Business Processes

Understanding the business processes equip us to provide the customised services that are aligned with industry-standard and quality. Effective operations lead to enhanced organisation performance and increased results with minimum flaws.


Understanding the company’s SOPs help us to understand the problem without violating the company’s protocols. Often, improper implementation of SOPs invade business growth and maximise errors instead of bringing uniformity in systems that is important for effective functioning.

Existing Software Solutions

To find the cause of the problem and provide a better solution, understanding the existing software solutions helps. If they lack any important software that may affect their business, its imperative to develop and implement them.

Target Market

Contemplating future growth and providing the customer-oriented solution to attain target sales and traffic, knowing the target market is important. This is an efficient and affordable way to reach audiences.


The ultimate goal of the organisation is to scale up the operations, thus increasing the ROI. Understanding the scalability helps to get an idea of the workforce and resources demanded based on the growing amount of work to achieve the vision and long term goals.

Needs & Requirements

Getting the client’s clear requirement helps to meet the needs and expectations. JMDS always listens and understands the client’s need and provide a customised solution.

Budget Discussion

Discussing the budget needed to have a clear budget idea, since it helps provide the best possible solution within the budget bandwidth and minimise the chance of any future negotiations & conflicts.

After a detailed understanding of the current system and processes, JMDS concluded the pain point as they lack the proper system and software to manage the attendance fairly and accurately; thus, they’re getting wrong entries. They needed a proper attendance management system, and biometric set up to resolve the problem.

Solution provided by the company

After all the discussion, JMDS proposed the best possible solution considering the client’s requirements for final approval.

  • Attendance Management System
  • Biometric Time Recording Device
  • Desktop Application Software
  • MIS System
  • Support and Maintainance of Software

Once approved and agreement confirmed, JMDS implemented the solutions as given below:

  • JMDS procured and delivered the biometric attendance recorder for the client.
  • JMDS provided the software solution to be deployed on the biometric device.
  • JMDS provided customised AMS software to enhance the working of the system.
  • Provide support for software upkeep and maintenance and assistance in operation.

All the above-proposed solution was implemented after proper testing. JMDS guided them to improve the efficiency of the system and operation. The client is satisfied with JMDS consultation and services. Their advanced biometric system is working efficiently and smoothly with no errors. Their employee attendance is regularly and accurately logging.

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