Yatih Air

An Overview of Yatih Air

Yatih Air Service Pvt. Ltd. founded in 2007, specialised in maintenance, repair and fixing of Aircraft Engineering Systems. They are always customer concerned and provide the highest standard quality service to meet the customers’ expectations. Yatih Air uses the most advanced technologies. They place themselves at the forefront of military MRO on a global level and continuously working towards improvement.

Problem Identification & Investigation

Identifying the problem and its causes is the main step to provide a better and authentic solution. Steps involved in the process are:

Discussion with stakeholders

Discussion with stakeholders helps to understand the organisation’s vision, operations, system, and processes to better understand their problem and provide the solution accordingly.

Business Processes

Understanding the business process needs to understand and determine why the problem happens to provide an authentic solution.


Understanding the SOPs prevents any inconsistencies in an organization’s processes, reducing the chances of huma error and making it operations-driven.

Existing Server Software

Understanding the current server helps to figure out the root cause of the problem. Whether the current servers are working efficiently with respect to the company’s requirements, determines customer engagement and experience.

Requirement Gathering

Requirements gathering helps meeting the client’s needs & expectation and provide the best suitable solution based on the problem and requirement.

Budget Discussion

It’s good to discuss the budget to provide the best possible and convenient solution to the problem in the available budget bandwidth. After all the long conversations and investigation, JMDS found that the site performs inadequately because of poor server management software. The client required better server management and maintenance, depending on their site data size and need.

Solution provided by the company

After concluding that poor server is the major issue and finalising the solution as per accepted techniques of software development, project management and considering the customer’s budget, needs, and expectations, JMDS provided the solution as:

Server Hosting

Provided hosting space on the Linux server and configured cPanel.

Hosting Backup & support

JMDS manages regular backups of the hosted domain(s) and provide support and maintains their server security and technology upgrades for the hosted domain(s) when needed.

Third-Party Integration

Assist with certificates like SSL, SMS Gateways, Payment Gateways, and third-party APIs, all subject to their dependencies on the Linux platform.

E-mail and Support

E-mail configuration for them and providing support for e-mail and website whenever required.


After all the testing and implementation, their website is now secure and smooth with good loading speed. JMDS fulfilled the requirement of Yatih Air by providing better server & hosting regular maintenance and commits a service uptime of 99.9%. JMDS team is always available for support and responds within 24-48 hours, quick fix if any issue occurs, or any help needed. The client is happy with all the services provided by JMDS and getting good website traffic.

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