Carry You

An Overview of Carry You

Carry You is a logistics company based in Chandigarh and helping industries in warehousing operations, freight scheduling, transportation and network planning since 1989. With professionalism and a personalised approach, they’re enhancing the supply chain industry. Carry You focuses on helping their partners increase their businesses’ efficiency and are continually working upon it.

Problem Identification & Investigation

Problem identification is a crucial part of the process to provide a better and satisfying solution. Identifying the problem involves several steps:

Consulting with stakeholders

Consulting with stakeholders helps to know and understand the following things and run an analysis to recognize the pain point.

Business Processes

Understanding the current business process helps delineate if they are leading to any losses and which business processes need to be optimized.


Understanding the SOPs prevents inconsistencies in the company’s protocol and helps describe if any flaws invade its growth. SOPs also ensure smooth operations and reduce human errors and make the organization more process-driven.

Needs & Requirements

Understanding the industry’s needs and requirements helps to provide a better and personalized and customized solution. Also understanding the business goals of the organization helps understand their technology needs.


Understanding the limitations clarifies things that are restricting industry success and causing client restraints.

Budget Discussion

Discussing the budget is needed to provide an affordable solution that is optimised for client needs.

After a detailed understanding of the current processes successfully, the pain point for the client was concluded as the existing website is not as per the industry standards, is not responsive as well as lacking in effective customer experience; thus, they are not retaining customers. The client needed a brand and corporate identity plus an industry-standard website for their business establishment as per their stated SOPs and needs to increase sales and effective operations.

Solution provided by the company

After all the discussion, JMDS proposed the best possible solution based on the client’s requirements and budgets for final approval.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Framework- Laraval
  • Brand Design & Corporate Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Fonts
  • UX Design

Once approved, the following steps were taken to provide the client-oriented solution:

  • Logo designing as per the company’s services and target market and to increase brand recognition.
  • Finalising Brand Fonts and Colour for corporate identity and website designing based on logo and usability.
  • Website building with Laraval framework and technology advancements as per the industry standards, security and effectiveness.
  • Architecting the UI envisaging scalability and high ROI from the onset.

JMDS redesigned the website and the logo to revamp the brand identity and creating brand awareness for the company. From website structure, font, colour, and UX designing details, JMDS has taken care of every minor element that impacts the brand identity and recognition. Post this, the website worked better and more smoothly and being user friendly thus increasing sales and ultimately leading to higher ROI and brand reach. Project delivered as per the proposed timeline and JMDS team is always available for further basic support and minor changes.

We are glad, “Carry You” added to our happy client list.

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