Why Choose Magento For Ecommerce: Top 10 Reasons

What is Magento

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform with built-in PHP to help programmers create an e-commerce website. It was released on March 31, 2008, which was developed by Zend Framework by Varien. 

So far, there are hundreds of thousands of companies using this open-source to start their online stores, including large stores such as Nike, Samsung. 

Being a marketing technology in a single place provides everything, including content management, email delivery campaigns, ad automation and success measurement. 

Magento’s scalability allows stores from few products and simple requirements to easily extend a number of products and complex custom behaviour without changing the platform. It offers a variety of plugins and themes to enhance the user experience with high scalability and flexibility. Magento as an eCommerce platform is one of the best eCommerce platforms available on the Internet. Although some work and precise design are required to get the best and accurate result, the control provided by this platform and its potential is unmatched.

Magento offers three variations of its product. These three variations are

  • Magento Open Source = Free
  • Magento Enterprise Edition = Great Support and Features
  • The Magento Commerce Cloud (hosted by Magento on their AWS stack).


Thinking of starting a new eCommerce business? So you will not ignore the benefits of the Magento development platform for your new eCommerce store. Want to know how Magento eCommerce development will benefit you compared to choosing other eCommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Volusion? Then keep scrolling down for the 10 reasons.

Reason 1: Magento is Open Source means Free

Magento is open-source software that provides flexible and scalable e-commerce solutions as well as basic e-commerce functions, allowing you to create a unique online store from scratch. 

In fact, it not only provides e-commerce solutions but also allows you to make adjustments flexibly. Enables you to extend the platform to create a unique and differentiated brand experience. The platform can adapt well to changes and can be modified according to the needs to meet the requirements of the shop owner. Along with flexibility and agility, being an open-source platform Magento is cost-effective and have solid information security.

Reason 2: Magento Community

Magento is backed up by an extensive global network of more than 1,150 technology and solution partners. It also provides the world’s largest extended e-commerce platform, downloadable from the Magento Marketplace. 

More than 240,000 companies use Magento to meet their e-commerce needs. Magento has a broad community. The Magento eCommerce developer community currently has more than 312,000 members who constantly work to make it more advanced and convenient. 

Therefore, when you have any questions about the website developed by Magento eCommerce, it is not difficult to find help. It can also provide you with information about future development and innovation.

Reason 3: High Performance

In terms of page loading, Magento once again the champ. Magento aims to create the fastest e-commerce business globally and is known for its incredibly fast loading websites. 

Research has also confirmed that 50% of users leave the sites that take more than 2 seconds to load the web pages. This means that users expect the website to load within a second. 

Therefore, understanding the importance of website loading time, Magento development platform built with faster page loading speed. In turn, this can greatly increase your sales and conversions.  

Magento builds trust and gives you the ability to customise the platform, so the performance of the platform itself will surprise you.

Reason 4: Specialized in eCommerce

Magento is an excellent platform that enables online store owners to create and develop e-commerce sites of all sizes and complexity. It has a wide range of SEO functions, tools, etc. This makes this platform the best choice for all website owners who want to sell their products or services online. 

Magento makes shopping easier and faster and quickens checkout. You can use it to develop customer-centric interfaces with the best-simplified e-commerce features.

Reason 5: Optimised for SEO

Magento is an SEO-friendly content management system. Magento is always get updated with the latest SEO ranking factors. It includes many SEO features like:

  • Search friendly URLs
  • Sitemaps
  • Layered navigation
  • Product Title
  • Keywords
  • Meta tags
  • Meta descriptions

Magento also includes analytics for online visitor tracking. This is one of Magento’s most eye-catching features. Another SEO benefit is that websites built with Magento are completely mobile responsive, so they are supported by all browsers and screens of all sizes. 

Since its features allow customers to shop from anywhere in the world and from any device is a positive sign in Google’s eyes that help you improve your rankings in google’s search results.

This makes your online store products more likely to appear in various search engines. 

The Magento development platform makes it very easy to optimise the pages and product descriptions of e-commerce websites. Combined with improved search engine optimisation, your online store can provide the best user experience.

Reason 6: Multi-lingual and multi-currency support

Although most modern e-commerce platforms do not support multiple currencies and languages, on the other hand, Magento supports multiple international currencies, allowing online store owners to manage their online store from anywhere in the world. 

The capabilities of the Magento eCommerce platform are very important to businesses that target a wide geographic audience. This feature has made it a useful platform for Indian stores as well as international stores. This feature makes it a very effective platform for Indian stores as well as international stores.

Reason 7: Magento Extensions = Ease of Integration

Magento has a great selection of high-quality extensions throughout the world. Extensions give abilities to expand Magento store features at any time. For example, At the start of an online store, you may not require chat extensions. However, you can add the extension later when the traffic becomes large. 

The Magento development platform allows you to easily integrate third-party web applications with your eCommerce sites, such as PayPal, Mailchimp, eBay and QuickBook. Another great advantage of the Magento website is that it can be integrated with most of the Google services, like Google Checkout, Google Analytics, and Google Base.

Reason 8: Flexibility

Not only can you customise the look of the website, product categories, and website features, you can also select from types of billing, shipping, and language options to suit your customers and make them stay. Since Magento is an open-source platform, chances are that many of the features you need are already available as plugins and even most of them are entirely free. Also, with the right developer, on Magento, you can do almost anything you can imagine and wish to do. 

An e-commerce website needs a flexible content management system that can be updated daily with new, high-quality content to attract audiences.

This allows store owners to customise their products to create an easily accessible storefront and make them user friendly with Magento Development eCommerce.

Magento also has an intuitive page editor; what you see is what you get. It is used for those who want to manipulate the basic functionality of the shopping cart.

Reason 9: Security

Magento is one of the well-known and widely used e-commerce platforms and provides built-in security features that help to mitigate security threats such as data leakage, information theft, illegal transactions, and other malicious attacks. By configuring multiple security permission levels allowed by Magento, you can protect your site and manage internal access. 

On the other hand, the Magento platform allows you to create a secondary password to prevent any unexpected and accidental hacking. Besides, Magento also offers CAPTCHA and PCI data security to provide maximum protection. 

Unlike other eCommerce solutions available in the market, Magento supports PA-DSS. This shows that Magento not only complies with globally recognised safety standards but also meets 14 necessary protection standards.

Reason 10: Magento Vs Competitors

Magento vs WooCommerce

  • Magento is specifically designed for online stores, whereas WooCommerce is basically a plugin used by WordPress software.
  • Magento is recommended for large and small e-commerce websites and complex and simplistic businesses, while WooCommerce is the best choice for simpler websites with a large amount of content.
  • Magento has two different platforms: the free Magento open source (Magento Community Edition) and the paid version, Magento Commerce On-Premises (Magento Enterprise Edition). WooCommerce only provides a software version that is not suitable for enterprise-level businesses.

Compared with WooCommerce, all these aspects make Magento more intricate and, at the same time, a robust and reliable choice. But in the end, you should make the right choice based on your business type, the size of your catalogue, and the functions and features that suits your shop and the available resources you can use to develop an online store.

Magento vs Shopify

  • Magento is open source and provides many of the same features as Shopify for free; however, you have to pay for the hosting service if you choose Magento. For Shopify, retailers pay monthly fees based on the solution they choose: Basic Shopify, Shopify or Advanced Shopify. 
  • Shopify’s functionality is limited. You have no choice to extend the customizability and personalisation of the website. You’ve less control over your website than the open-source Magento can provide. 
  • From an SEO point of view, Magento becomes a more useful option because it has many features that can help you make your website easy to use and SEO friendly and effectively increase the return on investment.

Magento vs Bigcommerce

  • Magento is open-source and free, while Bigcommerce is a closed (proprietary) solution with a high price.
  • When it comes to ease of setup and development, BigCommerce provides a swift start option to guide you through the process. Magento may require some technical knowledge or hiring Magento developers, but it is worth your effort because you can customise your business to meet the needs and expectations of users. 
  • With Magento, you can get support from a strong community of developers. On the other hand, BigCommerce provides 24/7 support by phone, email, and chat.

Magento vs Volusion

  • Magento has more free and paid themes. In comparison, Volusion is a simpler e-commerce solution with limited available themes and a limited degree of customisation. 
  • Magento has more powerful frontend and backend features, while Volusion’s backend is more complicated.
  • By using Volusion, you will benefit from hosting, whereas with Magento, you need to find your own hosting solution, be it a local or cloud-based hosting solution. With Volusion, you don’t need to think about anything but Magento gives you all the freedom of custom site caching, security, and performance to give your customers the best shopping experience.

Now, after reading the article, you are able to decide which platform will be suitable for your eCommerce need and meet your requirements.

All the best!