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An Overview of Team-Promotion

Team Promotion Pvt. Ltd. is an innovative sales promotions and marketing company. They provide customised solutions for businesses in marketing and innovations. They focus on 3 Qs, i.e. Quality of Innovation, Quality of Service and Quality of Satisfaction. They value their customers, listen to them and provide personalised solutions to uplift their businesses.

Problem Identification & Investigation

Identifying the problem and its causes is the first step towards providing a solution. We at JMDS prefer to listen to our client and understand their industry to provide the best suitable solutions. Steps involved in the process are:

Discussion with stakeholders

Discussion with stakeholders helps to understand the organisation’s eyesight, operations, system, and processes to understand their problem. Understanding the eyesight and vision helps to identify which process and operation would help to meet the targets.

Business Processes

A better understanding of the business processes helps provide the services that are customised and are of industry standard. An effective business process supports business growth.


Knowing the company’s SOPs helps to prevent any infringement in its protocols while providing the services. Sometimes improper implementation of SOPs causes ineffectiveness in the operations, but proper implementation reduces human error chances.

Existing Software Solutions

Understanding the existing software solutions helps to understand the system and cause of the problem and provide a better solution. If any software is not working efficiently, it is imperative to work on them or replace them with suitable ones.

Target Market

Understanding the target market helps to provide market-oriented solutions, and it is an affordable and efficient way to get potential customers and generate business.


Having clear information about the limitations is imperative to provide a solution that would be aligned with the industry without intersecting the limitations, be it technical, operational or professional limitations.

Requirement Gathering

Getting clear about the client’s requirements helps meet the client’s needs & expectation and provide the best suitable solution. Aligning the vision, business goals with the operations is imperative.

Budget Discussion

Discussing the budget needed to have a clear budget idea, since it helps provide the best possible solution within the budget bandwidth and minimise the chance of any future conflicts.

After all the conversations and analysis, JMDS concluded that the client is facing an efficient program to run its operations. This is leading to errors and much dependencies on resources time which was costing them money. The UX and UI design of the site was not up to industry standard; that’s why they were also losing website traffic and failed to achieve the targets because the user experience was poor and thus lack of conversions. They needed a dedicated and reliable server, good software, a functional website and a team of experts to manage and maintain it.

Solution provided by the company

After understanding the client’s issue and considering their necessities and budget JMDS proposed the solution in accordance with the accepted technologies of development and project management.

  • Consultation on operations and Web Admin Panel
  • Solution Architecture for Admin Panel
  • UI/UX Resource Provision for Corporate and Distributor App
  • Custom Software Development
  • Web portal as per Industry Technology Standards
  • AWS Management Backups & Maintenance
  • Third-Party Applications Support
  • Code Ignitor Resource Provision for Maintenance

After the final client’s approval and agreement confirmation, JMDS implemented the solutions as given below:

  • JMDS gave consultation for the business operation and strategy and how coupon and gift card should be managed for the considerable result. We planned meetings and discussed every minor thing of the business and the site, like business operation, Admin Panel looks, structure, functionalities, software requirements, functionality level, and required time and resources.
  • Our solutions architects work hours and designed business strategies, and created a set of solutions for the entire operation and web portal, including the technical and software part.
    Our team of designers designed the UI and UX of the Admin Panel, decided font, colour, theme, images and structure of the board.
  • Designed and developed the Admin Panel for them, did custom coding wherever required and built custom software to regulate the internal operation and gift card and coupon management.
    JMDS provided the best server software and expert server support team to manage and maintain the hosted domain.
  • Manages the AWS account, instance security policies, and technology upgrades whenever needed.
    Provide support for third-party APIs and certificates like SSL, SMS Gateways, Payment Gateways etc., subject to their dependencies on the Linux platform.
  • Provided resource provision of a designated expert Developer team with add on the Code Ignitor developers’ team to manage, maintain and extend the client domain’s functionalities.
  • JMDS maintains the following aspects of the TTPL platform:
    • Site Management
    • Service Management
    • OTP and SMS management
    • Gift and Coupon Code GenerationGift and Coupon Code Validity and Expiration

After proper internal testing and analysis, JMDS implemented the solutions. Their admin panel is working wow with a great interface and has an easy coupon management system. The client is achieving target sales and website traffic, thus increasing sales. TPPL getting a higher ROI and satisfied with the consultation, solutions and all the services provided by JMDS.

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