Shakti Bhog

An Overview of Shakti Bhog

In 1972 Shakti Bhog started the trend of packaged wheat in the Indian market. They are committed to serving tasty and quality product to make customers’ life happy and healthy. The company is growing immensely and includes a wide product range with 15+ food categories and continuously adding food products to their range for health-conscious consumers. Being concerned about quality control, they use the best technologies and ensure a modern preparation process with nature’s freshness and unique taste.

Problem Identification & Investigation

Problem identification and investigation is the first step in our strategy to provide an authentic and better solution. Following are the steps involved to identify the issue and the causes:

Consulting the stakeholders

Consulting the stakeholders helps to understand their vision of the organisation, processes and operations to better equip us with understanding their problem.


Understanding SOPs is essential to avoid any inconsistencies in the protocols and align with the company’s rules while providing the service.

Business Processes

Understanding their business processes is necessary to find the flaws and provide the solution accordingly.

Existing Server Software

Understanding the existing server helps to find out the root cause of the problem.

Budget Discussion

It’s good to discuss the budget bandwidth to provide the best possible and available solution to the problem.

Requirement Gathering

Requirements gathering helps meeting the client’s needs & expectation and provide the best suitable solution based on the problem and requirement.

After all the understandings, the conclusion came out that the pain point is that their server management software is poor; thus, the website performance is bad. Depending on their requirement and website data size, the client needed better server management and maintenance.

Solution provided by the company

After understanding the client issue and requirement and finding the best possible solution as per accepted techniques of software development, project management and considering the customer’s necessities and budget, JMDS provided the solution as:

Server Hosting

cPanel configuration and provided hosting space on the Linux server.

Hosting Backup & maintenance

Manage regular backups of the hosted domain(s) and maintain their server security and technology upgrades for the hosted domain(s) when needed.

E-mail and Support

E-mail set up and, whenever required, provide support for e-mail and website.

Third-Party Integration

On the Linux platform, providing support for third-party APIs and certificates like SSL, SMS Gateways, Payment Gateways and all subject to their dependencies.


JMDS implemented the solutions after proper testing. Their website is secure now and has great loading speed. Our team quick fix if any issue happens and takes care of every minor thing. We are always available for assistance and responds within 24-48 hours. JMDS committed service uptime of 99.9%. They found growth in website traffic and are happy with all the services provided by JMDS.

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