Samsung India

An Overview of Samsung India

Samsung Research is the advanced research and development (R&D) center of Samsung Electronics which includes the Consumer Electronics Division and the IT & Mobile Communications Division. Under the vision of “Shaping the future with innovation and intelligence”, Samsung Research is actively conducting research and development to identify new areas for future growth and secure advanced technologies for its products to create new value and enhance people’s lives.

Problem Identification & Investigation

Building a vehicle RFID system, which met all the security protocols of the organization and customized the hardware as per the stated guidelines.

  • Vehicle Time Log
    • Gate – In
    • Gate – Out
  • Vehicle Segregation
    • Buses
    • Cabs
    • Company cars
  • Timesheet Reporting
    • Rounding off to the nearest half an hour
    • Calculating the timesheet, basis the type of vehicle
Solution provided by the company

Although the process of building a vehicle time log system, seems to be a simple task, but the restrictions that were posed as part of the security protocols, made this project complex and one of its kind. Some of the major challenges that were posed as part of the organization’s security protocols were:

  • We couldn’t access the cloud servers directly, nor through 3rd party networks
  • Accessing internal networks was also to be done through firewalls and security checks
  • Basic RFID systems were available in the market, but they didn’t meet the peculiar need of the client’s processes

In order to abide by the security protocols and find a solution to the above problem, an interim system was laid out, which required a system architecture team to be brought in, as the very first step. Be it installing the server units or wires or setting up the overall hardware, we at JMDS acted as a one-stop solution for the client in total of 7 stages.

Screenshot 2020 12 22 at 5.12.42 PM

As the system architecture was approved, we implemented the vehicle RFID solution, which helped the client in maintaining the vehicle inventory list in the DB system. Following steps were followed on the broader level to give customized solution to the client:

  • Coding the standard RFID hardware as per the need of the client
  • Setting up VPN and an interim architecture(or system)
  • The interim system acted as the initial storage unit for the data that was collected by the hardware.
  • The data was then passed through the security protocols and through VPN uploaded to the cloud (main) servers and made available to the requisite personnel.

JMDS addressed these issues with a special vehicle specific RFID tag system solution with an Apache-based GUI integration. These RFID tags were placed on all vehicles and integrated with an RFID reader and an excel generator module. RFID generated excel file was uploaded to software application as a transaction file to understand time logs data to be processed and displayed on-screen/print as a Report Program and we enabled the system to form the customized Date Range Report.

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