An Overview of Rezlytix

RezLytix Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a growing company that offers custom cloud solutions and consultancy services to exploration and production companies. They’ve their own product, namely ‘Intelligent Reservoir Assistant’ to forecast hydrocarbon productivity and reservoir performance and ProLytix, i.e. Production Analytics, to forecast quantitative measure of recoverable barrels. They provide a high-resolution seismic tool to de-tune thin beds from processed seismic data. Their products are high-tech and of premium quality.

Problem Identification & Investigation

The whole solution process depends on the problem; the best and suitable solution only could be suggested if the problem is accurately and discreetly recognised. We went through the following processes for the same:

Discussion with stakeholders

A precise understanding of the problem always supports providing a better solution. Discussing with stakeholders helps to get their vision, operation processes, operation conflicts and key areas where they’re experiencing the issue to provide solutions accordingly.

Business Processes

To get into the core of the problem and closely understand the cause of the problem understanding the business processes is important. A better business process heads to business growth and achieving business goals smoothly.


Understanding RezLytix’s SOPs helped us avoid any inconsistency in its protocols while providing the services. SOPs are the pilgrim of the smooth system and operation and reduce the probability of human errors and ensure the work process in a correct manner.

Existing Software Solutions

Understanding all the active software processes support finding whether minor changes and optimisations in the current software may solve the existing problem, which software needs to be optimised to improve the operation and which software needs to be customised and built to better regulate the functionality and operation.

Budget Discussion

The budget discussion gives a range of budget to provide the best available solution in the given range and lessen the likelihood of any future disputes.

Requirement Gathering

Requirement gathering helps to understand the client’s needs and expectations and providing them with personalised solutions. Aligning the solution with the expectations is important and this could be only possible when we have gathered precise requirements.

After detailed conversation, investigation and analysis, we addressed the issue in their operations. Because of flaws in their operation processes, RezLitx was experiencing issues in workflow. They required consultation and solution architecture for a flawless and smooth operation.

Solution provided by the company

After reaching the problem and its cause, and based on RezLytix needs, requirements, expectations and budget, we equipped them with the following services:


We arranged one-to-one meetings with their project manager and provided consultation and guidance for every minor thing related to the business operation and obstacles they were facing in the process. Our IT solutions and advanced automation experts advised them what things could be automated to enhance their business processes, operation, workflow and how they can automate their operations to increase efficiency.

Solution Architecture

Our solution architects designed the complete solution structure for their business operation and process and how automation will work, including the process flow diagram and charts. They created 2-3 mockups for the client to clinch the best suitable one.

After an out-and-out consultation and multiple mockups, RezLytix finalised the best-fitted solution architecture and implemented it to their business operation processes. We did intermediary development for them. Now their operation is smooth and efficient with no flaws in it, and they’re happy and satisfied with the services provided by the JMDS.

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