Quick Smart Wash

An Overview of Quick Smart Wash

Quick Smart Wash works on Linen Management, On-Campus Laundry, and Hospital Laundry. They are very focused on cleanliness and disinfection, so they use the best clean and safe laundry process and take care of the fabric quality. They provide the services in educational institutions for both hostellers and on-campus staff members, and they’ve trained staffs for best and quick service.

Problem Identification & Investigation

The foremost part of providing any solution is identifying the problem and its cause. Our team involved in problem identification to understand the core of the issue went through the following steps:

Consulting stakeholders

Consulting with stakeholders helps to understand their vision, operation and processes to get the core of the problem they are going through and provide the solution accordingly. It is important to delineate the organisation’s vision to identify the processes and operations that would help achieve the business goals.

Business Processes

A better business process leads to business success and achieving business goals smoothly. Understanding the business processes helps keep solutions aligned with the industry and provide customised services to get aligned with their targets.


It is better to understand the SOPs of the company to prevent any inconsistencies in the company’s protocols while providing the services. SOPs are the pioneer of the smooth system and operation and reduce the probability of human errors.

Current Software Solutions

Understanding current software solutions helps us to get the cause of the problem and provide a suitable substitute. Analysing all the effective software processes supports finding which software needs to replace or optimised to improve the operation.

Target Market

Understanding the target market is beneficial, considering future growth and providing the market-oriented solution to get customers. Knowing the target customers helps target marketing and is the best and affordable solution to achieve target sales in time.


Every business has some underlined limitations like functionality limitations or limitations with the geographical region that need to be in consideration while providing the solution. Sometimes software also has a few limitations that restrict some functionality implementation.

Budget Discussion

Budget discussion is important to provide an affordable solution and minimise any chance of negotiations and conflicts.

Requirement Gathering

Requirement gathering helps to understand the client’s needs and expectations and satisfy them with the best possible solution. Aligning the insights and goals of the company with the services is important.

After all the discussions and investigation of the operation, plans, and needs, JMDS identified the pain point that the client lagged better UX and UI design, causing the website traffic reduction. They needed an entire solution architecture along with consultation on business strategies and consultation. They need a robust and secure server and a team of experts to manage and maintain it.

Solution provided by the company

After getting a clear understanding of fault points and the causes, JMDS proposed the solution to the client for approval considering their need, budget, limitations and stated SOPs.

  • Consultation on strategy and operations
  • Solution Architecture
  • UI/UX Resource Provision
  • AWS Management Backups & Maintenance
  • Website Design and Development
  • Custom Coding
  • Magento Resource Provision for Maintenance
  • Third-Party Integration and Support

Once the client signed the proposal and approved all the proposed solution, JMDS built everything on the local server before implementing on the live site and provided the following services:

  • JMDS provided a thorough consultation for the strategy and operations and how the website should work for a better outcome. We discussed every minor detail of the site and the business operation need, like website’s look, structure, functionalities, which software would be best, what functionality will require custom coding etc.
  • JMDS team proposed solution architecture for technical aspects as well as operation, processes, structure and behaviour of the business.
  • The graphic design team put efforts into designing UI and UX for the website, deciding font, colour, look, images, and every aspect of design.
  • JMDS provided the secure server best server support team for managing the hosted domain(s).
  • Our developer team collaborated with the design team and developed the entire website, and did custom coding wherever required.
  • JMDS maintains their AWS account, instance security policies, and technology upgrades as per the need.
  • To manage and maintain the client domain’s functionalities, provided resource provision of expert Magento Developer team with add on the Magento developers’ team.
  • Assist with third-party APIs integration and certificates like SSL, SMS Gateways, Payment Gateways etc., subject to their dependencies on the Linux platform and provide support for further related needs.
  • JMDS maintains the aspects of the Magento platform, as:
    • Site Management
    • Service Management
    • Booking
    • Payment

After all the testing on the local server, solutions were implemented on the live server. Their website is working great with the high loading speed and a smart user interface. The client is now getting enough leads and making increased sales by many folds. Their customer retention rate has increased and user engagement is enhanced The client noticed a sudden growth in website traffic after solution implementation. QSW is pleased and satisfied with the JMDS consultation and services.

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