Oxirich Construction Group

An Overview of Oxirich

Oxirich is a real state company founded in 2006, engaged in the infrastructure business with hard work, dedication and commitment. They’ve grown much over the years and growing day by day. Oxirich is penetrating the market with the vision of making aspirational housing affordable. They deliver premium and functional home in premium locations and at the right value. Oxirich provides services that include building urban real estate, property life cycle management, property identification and financial support services. They always focus on customer satisfaction and quality delivery.

Problem Identification & Investigation

The whole solution process depends on the problem; the best and suitable solution only could be suggested if the problem is accurately and discreetly recognised. While recognising and understanding the problem, we went through the following processes:

Discussion with stakeholders

Discussing with stakeholders helps to understand their vision, operation, plan and processes to get to the core of the problem and providing solution accordingly. It is important to delineate the organisation’s vision to identify the processes and operations that would help achieve the business goals.

Business Processes

A better business process leads to business success and achieving business goals smoothly. A keen understanding of the business processes helps keep solutions aligned with the industry and provide customised services to get aligned with their targets and vision.

Current Software Solutions

Understanding existing software solutions helped evolve the existing ones and find the ones that needed replacement to resolve the underlying problems. It helped us identify which new software we could install to enhance business processes and increase efficiency.

Target Market

Understanding the target market is beneficial, considering future growth and providing the market-oriented solution to get customers. Knowing the target customers helps target marketing and is the best and affordable solution to achieving target sales in time.


Understanding the SOPs of Oxirich helped us avoid any mutilation in its protocols while providing the services. SOPs are the pilgrim of the smooth system and operation and reduce the probability of human errors.

Budget Discussion

The budget discussion gives a range of budget to provide the best available solution in the given range and lessen the probability of further disputes.

Requirement Gathering

Requirement gathering leads the process to provide a suitable and correct solution. To align with the client’s need and meet their expectations to make them satisfied with the end result, understanding their requirements precisely is the most important part. We listened to Oxirich and their precise requirements to meet their expectations.

After all the detailed conversations and an understanding of the current processes successfully, the pain point of Oxirich was concluded as their brand was not getting enough customer attention; thus, they were not making enough sales. Oxirich needed a better brand identity for creating brand awareness and high sales.

Solution provided by the company

After all the discussion, the JMDS team researched to understand the industry and its competitor business as well as their target market. After thorough research, we proposed the best possible solution based on Oxirich’s requirements, limitations and budgets for final approval:

  • Consultation for Marketing and Brand Awareness
  • Brand Identity
  • Colour pallet
  • Fonts
  • Design
  • Theme
  • Look and Feel
  • Walkthrough Rendering of Upcoming Project

Once the proposed solutions approved, the following steps were taken to provide the tailormade client-oriented solution:

  • Provided Consultation on how to create the brand image in the market and awareness among people, how to get attention from target customers, and the best way to stand out from the competitors in the industry.
  • Our design team work hard on a tight schedule to finalise the design theme, colour, fonts, UX, and design of the advertisement.
  • We did 3D rendering for their upcoming projects and created the model through a computer program.
Solution Architecture

JMDS provided consultation for their brand, considering their business goals and future growth. Our graphic designer finalised the design theme, colour and fonts for their company. JMDS has taken care of every minor element that impacts the brand identity and perception. We made a unique 3D model by means of a computer program to show how they’ll look like five years from now. Oxirich loved our rendering. They started getting attention after revamping, and the audience gets aware of the brand. Project delivered as per the proposed timeline. We’re glad that Oxirich is happy and satisfied with the services provided by JMDS.

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