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An Overview of Max Group

Unimax is an established leading organisation in Aluminium Formwork System serving the construction industry with updated and customised solutions which are environment friendly. Under the vision of “bringing automation and better system”, Unimax is consistently working towards customers’ need and bringing innovative solutions with the emerging trends in the construction industry at its R & D centre.

Problem Identification & Investigation

Problem identification is a crucial part of the process to provide a better and satisfying solution. Identifying the problem involves several steps:

Consulting with stakeholders

Consulting with stakeholders helps to understand the issue better and know the actual problems they’re facing.

Existing Server Software

Understanding the existing server needs to find the root cause of the problem.

Business Processes

Understanding the business processes reduces the chance of any flaws in the solution and helps to provide a personalised solution.

Requirement Gathering

Requirements gathering is very important to provide the best possible solution. Whether a client needs a customised solution or already existing solutions needs optimisation is a decision based on the requirements.

Budget Discussion

Discussing the budget needed to provide affordable solution and minimise the chance of negotiations and conflicts.

After all the discussion session and analysis, we found that the problem lied in their server management software; thus the website was performing poorly. It was crashing and there were periodic blackouts. The client needed better server management and maintenance based on their website size and need.

Solution provided by the company

Your web server is not just storage; it must perform well to deliver site content to visitors as quickly as possible. A lousy server can lead to losing your prospects. As per accepted techniques of software development, project management and keeping the client’s requirements and budget in mind, JMDS provided the solution as:

Server Hosting

Provided hosting space on Linux server and CPanel setup.

Hosting Backup & maintenance

Maintaining daily, weekly and monthly backups of the hosted domain(s). Maintain their server security and technology upgrades for the hosted domain(s) when required.

Third-Party Integration

Provided support for third-party APIs and certificates like SSL, SMS Gateways, Payment Gateways and all subject to their dependencies on the Linux platform.

E-mail and Support

E-mail setup and support for e-mail and website whenever required.


After all the testing and implementation, their website is now secure and smooth with good loading speed. JMDS fulfilled the requirement of Unimax by providing better server & hosting, regular maintenance, and commits a service uptime of 99.9%. JMDS team is always available for support and responds within 24-48 hours, quick fix if any issue occurs, or any help needed.

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