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An Overview of JMDS

JM Design Studio P Ltd is one of the unique organisations that provide consulting, customised software solutions, Zoho consultation and implementation and management services under one umbrella. JMDS was founded with the mission to become the businesses' technology partner to success. With continuous technological advancements and changing times, businesses have an opportunity to adopt more robust systems that increase efficiencies with minimum resources. Sharp insight into the accelerating digitisation and technology motivates JM Design Studio to help people align their technology with business goals. From the outset, JMDS had the opportunity to work with esteemed companies like Emami Ltd, Samsung, HCL, mama earth, Compass, Trishasmi Creations, Paccous Logistics and more. Working with 51+ happy clients, consult them with brand building, growth strategy, and solving numerous IT-related issues give JMDS a unique edge of innovative perspective.

Manog Securities Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1994 to provide consultancy and other financial advisory services in stock and trading. They support other corporate management and provide consultation for efficiency in their businesses. Manog Securities Pvt. Ltd. became a member of the National Stock Exchange of India Limited in 1995. They provide best-in-class and effective consulting services.

Problem Identification & Investigation

Diagnosis of the problem and clearly identifying its root cause is fundamental to providing a suitable solution. Problem identification is a crucial process and involves the following steps:

Discussion with stakeholders

Consulting the company’s stakeholders helps us understand their sight for the organisation, their services, and operations to equip us in identifying the problem.

Business Processes

A better business process ensures that the business is running smoothly and efficiently. To get the problem and causes, understanding the operations and process of the organisation is important.

Existing Server Software

Understanding the current server software is important to identify whether the current server fulfils the website requirement and whether they are properly managed and maintained. It helps to identify the root cause of the problem.


SOPs keeps the operations in line, but sometimes it may not be properly implemented and cause the organisation’s rough functioning. Understanding the SOPs helps keep the services as per the protocols and make them aware of flaws if any.

Requirements Gathering

We at JMDS always listen to the client first and understand their needs and requirements before providing the solutions. This helps us to meet the client’s expectations and leads to a higher client satisfaction rate.

Budget Discussion

Budget discussion helps to provide an affordable solution and reduce the possibility of any negotiations and conflicts.

After all the discussions and analysis, we found that the problem they’re facing was their website wasn’t working smoothly, and the website was taking a long time to load, and the only cause was poor server software and management. Their website needed a better server to overcome the issue.

Solution provided by the company

After getting the problem and concluding the solution in accordance with the techniques of software development, project management and considering the customer’s needs and budget, the solution provided by JMDS are:

Server Hosting

We set up the cPanel and provided hosting space on the Linux server.

Third-Party Integration

Provided support for third-party APIs and certificates like SSL, SMS Gateways, Payment Gateways and all subject to their dependencies on the Linux platform.

E-mail and Support

We set up the e-mail and provide support for e-mail and website whenever required.

Hosting Backup & maintenance

Our team manages regular backups of the hosted domain(s) and, when needed, maintain their server security and technology upgrades for the hosted domain(s).

We at JMDS implemented solutions after proper testing, and now the website is working smoothly with great loading speed. Website bounce rate reduced and observed very rare website downtime. JMDS assured service uptime of 99.9%. Our team is always available for support and revert soon to the query. The client is happy with the website performance and customer engagement on their website. The client is satisfied with all the services provided by JMDS.

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