An Overview of HCL

HCL is a well-known and reputed global IT company founded in 1991 with a mission to take technologies to the next level and help enterprises uplift their businesses in this digital era. Their prime focus has always been building good customer relationship, a risk-taking approach and a strong culture of innovation, and with this belief, they are leading the world. They’re engineering Service Oriented Architects for their customers through APIs. HCL cultivated their in-house innovation programmes and created a wide network of R&D centres, co-innovation labs and delivery centres worldwide. With tremendous success, they’ve over 159,000+ employees across 50 countries.

Problem Identification & Investigation

We need to make sure we are identifying the true problem and underlying causes to equip them with the best possible and suitable solution; hence, understanding the problem accurately and precisely is important. following are the steps involved during the process:

Discussion with stakeholders

Discussion with stakeholders helped us to understand their dilemmas and where they are facing obstacles. We discussed everything related to the problems, including their goals, operation processes, operation conflicts and key areas where they’re experiencing the issue to provide them solutions accordingly.

Business Processes

Automating business operation process helps to increase work efficiency by many folds. Understanding the business process is the key step to automate operation processes and make them smooth since a smooth business process leads to business growth and achieving business goals in less time.


SOPs specify every step that helps maintain quality control, ensure consistency and decrease the chance of human error. Understanding HCL’s SOPs helped us avoid any inconsistency in its protocols while providing the services maintaining or refurbishing the SOPs wherever required.

Existing Software Solutions

Understanding all the active software processes support finding whether minor changes and optimisations in the current software may solve the existing problem, which software needs to be optimised to improve the operation and which software needs to be customised and built to better regulate the functionality and operation.


Understanding the limitations of HCL’s processes and procedures and data privacy system helped us provide solutions within their limitations and revamping and supported in equipping them with the best suitable solutions for the problem.

Budget Discussion

The budget discussion made things clear and gave a budget spectrum to provide the best available solution in the given range and lessen the possibility of any future conflicts.

Requirement Gathering

Requirement gathering is a critical step for a successful project, and to meet the project goals with clear requirements. Collecting requirements helped us to understand HCL’s needs and expectations and providing them with personalised solutions. Aligning the solution with their expectations made the client satisfied, and this was only possible ’cause we listened to them and their precise requirements.

After detailed conversation, investigation and analysis, we addressed the issue in their operation. Because of flaws in their operation processes, HCL was experiencing inconsistency in the tasks and issues in the workflow. They required proper consultation and solution architecture for consistent, smooth and efficient operations reducing errors and making it more process-driven.

Solution provided by the company

After understanding the problem and its cause, and based on the needs, requirements, expectations and budget of HCL, we equipped them with the following services:


We provided thorough consultation to HCL and suggested cost-effective business process strategies that rely on IT performances and smooth operation. We guided them at every step of operations and which operation processes could be automated to make things effective and efficient and enhance their business efficiency. Our experts sat long hours to solve each and every issue and conflict in operations reducing redundancies and increasing performance.

Solution Architecture

Our solution architects designed the entire solution structure for their business operation and process and how automation will work, including the process flow diagram and charts. They created 2-3 mockups for the client to decide the best fitting one.
After analysis and out-and-out consultation, HCL finalised the best-fitted solution architecture from all the suggested mockups and executed it to their business operation processes. We did intermediary development for them. After execution, all of their issues are solved, and they’re not experiencing any inconsistencies and software conflicts. With increasing efficiencies, their employee performance has also enhanced. They’re happy and satisfied with the services provided by the JMDS.

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