An Overview of HarperWoods

HarperWoods is a customised shoe brand and provides handcrafted shoes to shoe lovers. They use the best in class materials and always focus on comfort, quality and design. HarperWoods delivers handmade shoes from Agra city, which are worth paying for. They are known for their authenticity in style. They believe that excellence is achievable and guarantee the best quality products to their customers.

Problem Identification & Investigation

The foremost step of providing the solution is identifying the problem and its cause. Our team invests hours in getting to the core of the problem. Here are the steps involved in order to understand the issue and the causes:

Discussion with stakeholders

Discussing the issue, they are going through in their operations with the stakeholders of the company helps to understand the problem better and find its causes. It is important to delineate the vision of the organization to identify the processes and operations that would help achieve the business goals.

Business Processes

Understanding the business processes helps to equip them with an authentic and suitable solution. Effective operations lead to enhanced organization performance and increased results with minimum flaws.


It is better to understand the SOPs of the company to get aligned with the protocols while providing the services. SOPs also help reduce human errors and lapses in judgement and makes the organization process-driven.

Existing Software Solutions

Understanding existing software solutions enables us to get the cause of the problem and provide a suitable alternative. If there are certain software that is not working at full efficiency, it is imperative to work on them or change them completely so that a more suitable system can be put in place.


The ultimate goal of the organization is to scale up the operations, thus increasing the ROI. Getting an idea of the workforce and resources needed based on the growing amount of work requires a better understanding of scalability.

Target Market

Understanding the target market helps to provide the customised solution to gain customers and future business growth.


Having clear information about the limitations is the need of the process since HarperWoods is an e-commerce platform and could have many limitations that should be considered while providing the solution to avoid revamping. An e-commerce business can not afford downtime, therefore identifying probable future problems and shortcomings helps define the systems in the present so that they do not emerge at all.

Budget Discussion

The budget discussion gives a range of budget to provide the best available solution in the given range and lessen the probability of further conflicts.

Requirement Gathering

Requirement gathering helps to understand the client’s needs and expectations and satisfying them with personalised solutions. Aligning the vision, business goals with the operations is imperative.

After all the detailed conversations and analysis of the operation, plans, specifications, and limitations, JMDS concluded that the client needs the entire solution architecture and better UX and UI design. They require a robust and secure server and good e-commerce software, including a team of experts to manage and maintain it.

Solution provided by the company

JMDS proposed the best possible solution for the final approval after getting the pain points and the source causes of the problem and analysing the client’s needs, budget, stated SOPs and limitation.

  • Consultation on strategy and operations
  • Solution Architecture
  • UI/UX Resource Provision
  • Custom Software Development
  • Website Design and Development
  • Magento Resource Provision for Maintenance
  • AWS Management Backups & Maintenance
  • Third-Party Integration & Support
  • Zoho Integration
  • Zoho Support & Maintainance
  • Digital Media Marketing

After finalising the solutions, designs and processes and approval of the client, JMDS has done the following for the client:

  • JMDS provided a thorough consultation for the strategy and operations and how the e-commerce platform should be. We sat together and discussed every minor detail of the site and the business operation need, like how the website should look, the website structure, functionalities that a website should have, which software would be best, the need of customisation etc.
  • Our solutions architects work hours and create a set of solutions for the entire operation, including the technical and software part.
  • The graphic design team decided the colour, font, design, images, and structure for UI, UX, and the website’s entire look. They created the design mockups for them.
  • JMDS provided the server software and best server support team for managing the hosted domain and website health.
  • Our development team developed customised software by custom coding for their e-commerce platform for catalogue and cart management and checkouts.
  • A dedicated team maintains their AWS account, instance security policies, and technology upgrades when needed.
  • Provided resource provision of a Sr. expert Magento Developer team with add on the Magento developers’ team to manage and maintain the client domain’s functionalities.
  • Provided support for third-party APIs integration and certificates like SSL, SMS Gateways, Payment Gateways etc.,
  • subject to their dependencies on the Linux platform and available for further assistance.
  • JMDS maintains the aspects of the Magento platform, namely:
    • Catalogue Browsing
    • Catalog Management
    • Product Browsing
    • Customer Accounts
    • Site Management
    • Order Management
    • Shipping
    • Checkout
  • As a Zoho Partner, we have provided all the Zoho services. Our Zoho experts integrated Zoho accounting to automate the business’s financial management and integrated Zoho CRM for better customer relation management, custom notification, and scheduled marketing. Also integrated other Zoho APIs to enhance the business operation.
  • Provided full-time assistance and support for Zoho management, maintenance and updates of Zoho Applications.
  • Our digital marketing team handles the digital presence of HarperWoods and manages digital media marketing for them, including social media marketing and management and paid ad marketing thus increasing their market reach and sales.

Their business website looks excellent and working at par with a great interface, has great website loading speed and a better user experience. Vigorous marketing helps the client achieve target sales and website traffic, thus increasing sales. Analytics shows that people are spending a long time surfing on the website therefore high engagement scores. HarperWoods getting a higher ROI and satisfied with the consultation, solutions and all the services provided by JMDS.

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