Edgy Scribblers

An Overview of Edgy Scribblers

Edgy Scribblers is an organisation based in Gurgaon and run by youth. They started with providing effective content service to the clients and now extended and grown to provide the best solutions for blogs, graphics, animations and corporate portfolios to the clients. They believe in delivering the best, innovative, effective and quality service to their clients. They focus on creating contents that are SEO friendly and always try to make a difference in the crowded market.


We are technology partners for Edgy Scribblers System and work in collaboration with them for their clients within the capacity of partnership level agreements.

Discussion with Edgy Scribblers

Several client enquiries come on board to Edgy Scribblers, where they need business experts for consultancy. Here we come as a support partner to fulfil their needs and requirements, and we work with them in collaboration to understand the challenges their clients are facing and underline causes. We discuss viable solutions and how to accomplish them. Similarly, the way we work with our direct clients, we go through the following process during the discussion:

Needs and Requirements

Having clear and defined requirements is important to provide the best suitable solutions for the problem and ensure that the services, solutions, and end-result meet the client’s expectation.

Existing Solutions

Understanding the existing solution is important to identify whether the minor optimisation and changes in the current solution will solve the problem, or they require the entire new solution development to replace the existing one.


It is better to understand the SOPs of the company to prevent any deviations in the company’s protocols while providing the services. SOPs ensure a smooth system and operation, reduce the chance of human errors while maintaining quality control.


Knowing the limitations of Edgy Scribblers and its client help to serve them better while maintaining business confidentiality and working with them on the same page.

Solution provided by the company

After discussing every point based on the demand of the situation, including problems, causes and limitations of the concerned clients, we serve Edgy Scribblers with the following range of services:

  • Consultation
  • Solution Architecture
  • Brand strategy and planning
  • Brand and Corporate Identity
  • Digital Media Marketing
  • Software Development
  • Website Design and Development
  • Server Hosting and management
  • Other IT-related support and maintenance

After all the discussion with Edgy Scribblers and understanding their need and their client’s problem, requirements, and expectations, we finalise the best suitable solution, required time and budget and provide them consultation accordingly. We work on the project with dedication and deliver the services within the deadline. Because of our work ethics and work quality, we are a trusted and proud partner of Edgy Scribblers and have a long partnership. They always praise our services and never miss a chance to work with us.

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