Blue ocean

An Overview of Blue ocean

Blue Ocean System is a business solution company that offers complete enterprises solution including staff augmentation, software implementation, Internet technologies and Solutions Center. They also work in smart city and cloud offerings to enhance the quality of urban services like energy, connectivity, transportation, utilities and others. Their portfolio includes some of their clients such as Raymond, Vardhman, Reliance, Ahuja Constructions and more. They believe in delivering quality over quantity.

Problem Identification & Investigation

We are technology partners for Blue Ocean System and work in collaboration with them for their clients within the capacity of partnership level agreements.

Discussion with Blue Ocean System

Many customer enquiries come to Blue Ocean System, and sometimes they need industry experts for consultancy, and here we help them as a technology partner. Our experts work with them to understand the problem their clients are facing and underline causes, discuss the viable solution and how to implement it. Just as we work in conjunction with our direct clients, while discussion we go through the following process:


It is better to understand the SOPs of the company to prevent any inconsistencies in the company’s protocols while providing the services. SOPs are the pioneer of the smooth system and operation and lessen the chance of human errors while maintaining quality control.

Existing Solutions

To identify whether the minor optimisation and changes in the current solution will solve the problem, or we need to develop the entire new solution to replace the existing one, understanding the existing solution is important.


Having clear information about the limitations of the company is crucial before suggesting any solution to the problem. We need to know the scope of freedom to use the company’s data while providing solutions and confidential data that can not be used publicly.

Needs and Requirements

Having a clear idea of the client’s needs & requirements helps meet the demand and expectations of the client and provide a satisfactory solution

Solution provided by the company

Once we discuss everything, including their need of the hour, sufferings, causes, requirements and limitations of the concerned clients, we help Blue Ocean with the following array of services:

  • Consultation
  • Brand and Corporate Identity
  • Digital Media Marketing
  • Solution Architecture
  • Software Development
  • Website Design and Development
  • Server Hosting and management
  • Other IT-related support and maintenance

We discuss and conclude the suitable solution, required time and budget, depending upon the amount of support and services, clients of Blue Ocean and their client’s requirements. Our team works on their projects and always delivers quality work on time. We are a noble partner of Blue Ocean and have a sustained partnership because of our work ethics and service quality. They’re happy and satisfied with our support and services and always choose to come to us whenever they need our services.

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