An Overview of Algobinary

Algo Binary Consultancy is an organisation providing consultation for business growth, making business strategies, and executing them for a high return. They have expert teams with experience in new business startups, Process and Policy Development, management & analysis, and Finance and Audits. They believe in innovation and always walk with technology to serve the best.

Problem Identification & Investigation

The initial step towards providing a solution is identifying the problem and its causes. We listen to our clients and understand their industry to provide suitable solutions. Following are the steps involved in the process:

Discussion with stakeholders

Discussed with stakeholders to know and understand the system and operations of the organisation and ran an analysis to identify their pain-point.

Business Processes

Understanding the business processes supported us to provide the customised services aligned with industry-standard and quality and making their operation and processes smooth.


Understanding the company’s SOPs help us to understand the problem without violating the company’s protocols. Many a time, improper implementation of SOPs invade business growth. Defined processes help maintain consistency, reducing time and resources required to run specific operations as well as reduce human errors maintaining consistency and quality.

Current Software Solutions

Understanding the system and diagnosing the causes of the problem to provide a better and suitable solution, understanding the current software solutions is important.

Target Market

Knowing the target market is helpful, considering future growth and providing the market-oriented solution to gain customers, and this is an efficient and affordable way to reach people.


Understanding the scalability is essential to get the idea of the workforce and resources required based on the upcoming amount of work since, with the increasing time, the business will grow, and so is work.

Needs & Requirements

Having a clear idea of the client’s needs & requirements helps meet the client’s demand and expectation and provide a satisfactory solution.


Understanding the limitations is crucial; sometimes, the business has some limitations, and software & technology also have some limitations. Identifying probable future problems and shortcomings helps define the systems in the present so that they do not arise at all.

Budget Discussion

Discussing the budget & required expenses earlier gives an idea about the services’ cost to the client and help us to provide them with the best possible solution in the available budget.

After a detailed understanding of the current system and processes, JMDS concluded the pain point as the site’s UX and UI design was not up to industry standard; thus, they’re losing website traffic leading to reduced conversions. They required to enhance their online presence. Some software needed optimisation. They needed a dedicated, reliable and secure server and a team of experts to manage and maintain it to overcome the issue.

Solution provided by the company

After all the discussion and based on Algo’s business requirements, JMDS proposed the best possible solution for approval.

  • Consultation on business operations and strategy
  • Solution Architecture
  • UI/UX Resource Provision
  • Web Design & Development with custom advanced functionality
  • Custom Software Development
  • AWS Management Backups & Maintenance
  • Third-Party Applications Support
  • Magento Resource Provision for Maintenance

Once the client approved the proposal, JMDS implemented the following solutions:

  • JMDS provided consultation for the business operation and how the website should work for a significant result. We set up meetings and discussed in detail about the business and the site, like business operation, website’s look, structure, functionalities, software requirements, functionality level, and required time and resources.
  • Solution Architects design the complete blueprint of the process, behaviour and structure of the business operation and the development solutions.
  • Designing UI and UX for the website. Reveal as many features and advantages as possible while maintaining readability.
  • The website would have to look beautiful and ensure a better user experience for better ROI.
  • Created a fully functional and responsive website based on rendered designs and custom coding wherever required.
  • Customised the dashboard to manage content.
  • JMDS provided a dedicated web server and assigned the expert server support team to manage and maintain the hosted domain.
  • JMDS team manages the AWS account, instance security policies, and technology upgrades whenever required.
  • JMDS provided resource provision of a selected expert Magento Developer team with add on the Magento developers’ team to manage, maintain and extend the client domain’s functionalities.
  • Assist with third-party APIs and certificates like SSL, SMS Gateways, Payment Gateways etc., subject to their dependencies on the Linux platform.

After analysis and manual internal testing on the local server, JMDS implemented the solutions on the live site. A B Consultancy is pleased and satisfied with JMDS consultation and services. Their website is working great with advanced UX, beautiful UI and faster page loading. Website is growing rapidly and reaching a wider range of audiences with great RO. JMDS committed to A B Consultancy for providing ongoing support.

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