An Overview of Airok

AirOk is a company that works on air quality products and services with a great team of air quality experts from top-ranking institutions. They work on air pollution control equipment in different environments and different types of air pollutants. They design affordable, user-friendly and quality air filters that can remove all the air pollutants in an indoor and closed environment. They develop industry-specific technologies to control pollution in the residential and industrial environment. They are environment concerned as well as care about what quality of air people breathe.

Problem Identification & Investigation

The first part of providing any solution is problem identification and finding its cause. Our team went through the following steps while finding the issue and the causes:

Discussion with stakeholders

Discussion with stakeholders helps to know what problem they’re facing, where the actual error lies, their operations and processes. It is important to delineate the organisation’s vision to identify the processes and operations that would help achieve the business goals.

Requirement Gathering

It’s necessary to get the client’s requirement before providing any solution. JMDS understood their need and proceeded to understand their system, flaws and processes.

Business Processes

Understanding the business processes helps to equip them with a better and suitable solution. Efficient business processes improve the organisation’s performance and scale-up outcomes with minimum flaws.


Understanding the SOPs helps avoid any mutilation in the company’s protocol and provides a customised solution to their problem. SOPs also facilitate operations and ensure everyone completes the tasks correctly every time.

Current Software Solutions

Understanding the current software solutions helps identify the cause of the problem if any software requires optimisation or needs to be replaced by better innovative and customised software.

Target Market

Knowing the target market is helpful, considering future growth and providing the market-oriented solution to gain customers, and this is an efficient and affordable way to reach people.


Understanding the scalability is essential to get the idea of the workforce and resources required based on the upcoming amount of work since, with the increasing time, the business will grow, and so is work.


Having clear information about the limitations is imperative to provide the solution that would be aligned with the industry without intersecting the limitations, be it technical, operational or professional limitations.

Budget Discussion

Discussing the budget helps to provide an affordable solution and lessen the chance of negotiations and disputes.

After all the long conversations and understanding of the system, scalability and specifications, JMDS concluded that the client lagging better UX and UI design causes an increased bouncing rate on the website, thus reduced sales. They need a dynamic mobile-friendly site, reliable server and better e-commerce software, and a team of experts to manage and maintain it.

Solution provided by the company

After getting the fault points, the root causes, scalability and limitations, JMDS proposed the best possible solution considering the client’s needs, budget and stated SOPs for the final approval.

  • Consultation on business operations
  • Solution Architecture
  • UI/UX Resource Provision
  • Custom Software Development
  • Web Design & Development with custom advanced functionality
  • AWS Management Backups & Maintenance
  • Third-Party Applications Support
  • Magento Resource Provision for Maintenance

Once the proposed solution approved, the following things were executed for the client based on the requirements:

  • JMDS provided consultation for the business operation and how the website should work for the considerable result. We set meetings and discussed everything about the business and the site, like business operation, website’s look, structure, functionalities, software requirements, functionality level, and required time and resources.
  • Solution Architects design the complete blueprint of the process, behaviour and structure of the business operation and the development solutions.
  • Creation of UI and UX design for the website. The website would have to look beautiful and ensure a better user experience.
  • Creation of a fully functional website based on rendered designs and custom coding wherever required. Customised dashboard to manage content.
  • Provided reliable and secure server to manage high website traffic and expert server support team for managing the hosted domain.
  • JMDS maintains their AWS account, instance security policies, and technology upgrades when required.
  • Assisted for third-party APIs and certificates like SSL, SMS Gateways, Payment Gateways etc., subject to their dependencies on the Linux platform and providing ongoing support.
  • Provided resource provision of a designated expert Magento Developer team with add on the Magento developers’ team to manage and maintain the client domain’s functionalities.
  • JMDS maintains the following aspects of the Magento platform:
    • Catalogue Browsing
    • Catalog Management
    • Product Browsing
    • Customer Accounts
    • Site Management
    • Order Management
    • Shipping
    • Checkout

JMDS successfully worked and delivered the solution on time. AirOk is thrilled with the JMDS consultation and services. Their website is working great and smooth. The client is now retaining customers and make sales with a great UX, beautiful UI, and high fast page load times. They are growing rapidly and getting a great ROI. JMDS continues to partner with AirOk to provide ongoing support.

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