Leads, Contact, Potential? Your Top 3 Zoho CRM questions Answered

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1) What is the difference between “Leads” and “Contacts” in Zoho CRM?

Leads are the lifeblood of your company.

They provide raw details about individuals or representatives of organizations collected from trade shows, seminars, and advertisements to purchasing departments within companies for marketing campaigns.

Contacts are the voice of an organization.

They are the people in an organization with whom you conduct business communications, pursuing potential opportunities for your company.

In a B2C scenario, a contact is a direct customer you wish to serve. In a B2B scenario, a contact is a reference point within the organization you wish to serve.

2) When should you convert leads?

A lead is a prospective customer interested in purchasing your organization’s products or services. When following up with a lead, if you reach a stage where you see a business opportunity, you can convert it into an “account”, “contact” or “opportunity”.

Point to Note:

  • A lead cannot be reversed once it’s converted


3) Can you convert a “Lead” to “Potential” without creating an “Account”?

“Potential” is the revenue opportunity associated with an Account/Contact.

So you can’t directly convert a lead to potential, you need to create an Account and Contact. This works exactly like in a typical B2B scenario.

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