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An Overview of JMDS

JM Design Studio P Ltd is one of the unique organisations that provide consulting, customised software solutions, Zoho consultation and implementation and management services under one umbrella. JMDS was founded with the mission to become the businesses' technology partner to success. With continuous technological advancements and changing times, businesses have an opportunity to adopt more robust systems that increase efficiencies with minimum resources. Sharp insight into the accelerating digitisation and technology motivates JM Design Studio to help people align their technology with business goals. From the outset, JMDS had the opportunity to work with esteemed companies like Emami Ltd, Samsung, HCL, mama earth, Compass, Trishasmi Creations, Paccous Logistics and more. Working with 51+ happy clients, consult them with brand building, growth strategy, and solving numerous IT-related issues give JMDS a unique edge of innovative perspective.

Imperium Management is a Corporate and professional organization with dynamic and veteran top honcho handling corporate relations and participating in formulations of public policies, along with strategic assignments since the past two decades. Leading a team of ten highly talented and competent professionals, their primary focus is on complex and high-value policy and regulatory issues. Their clients include Hutch Essar Group of companies, Sahara India Group, Indian Express Group among others.


Problem identification and finding its cause is the first and most important step to provide a better and suitable solution. An optimised and customised solution would ensure business growth. Identifying the problem involves the following steps:

Discussion with stakeholders

A better understanding of pain-points helps to better equip the solution to the client. Discussion with stakeholders helps to know business vision & bigger goals. Thoroughly understanding the business to provide customised solutions supports the growth of the organisation.

Business Processes

A better business process leads to business success and achieving business goals smoothly. Understanding the current business process helps delineate if they are leading to any losses, where they are lagging and which business processes need to be optimised.


SOPs ensure smooth operations and consistency within the business. Get to know the company’s SOPs helps prevent any mutilation in the company’s protocols in order to provide the services and describe if any flaws invade its growth.

Needs & Requirements

Understanding the industry’s needs and requirements helps to provide a personalised and customised solution. Clear and defined requirements are important since they ensure that the services, solutions, and end-result meet the client’s expectation.


Understanding the limitations determines factors that are limiting industry success & growth and causing client abstinence.

Budget Discussion

It’s better to discuss the budget to provide the best possible solution that is customised for client needs in the given budget range and reduce the possibility of negotiations and disputes.

After discussion, analysis and understanding of the current processes, the fault point of Imperium Management was concluded as the existing website look and feel is not as per the industry standards; thus, they are not getting enough customers and losing engagement score. The client needed a better brand and corporate identity for their business establishment and a customised app for increased sales and effective operations.

Solution provided by the company

After all the findings, the JMDS team researched to understand brand behaviour and its competitor brand. We proposed the best possible solution based on the client’s requirements and budgets for final approval after thorough research.

  • Brand Design & Corporate Identity
    • Logo Design
    • Typography
    • Colour Palette
    • Brand Theme
    • UX Design for App
    • Digital Presence strategy
    • Social Media Creative Template design
    • Letterhead Design
  • Mobile App Development & Maintenance

After the approval of the proposed solution and agreement confirmation, the following steps were taken to provide the tailormade client-oriented solution:

  • Logo designing as per the company’s services, industry-standard and target market to increase brand recognition.
  • Deciding the Typography and Colour Palette for corporate identity, Social Media Creatives and UI design based on logo and usability.
  • Finalising industry-standard brand theme for online and offline presence.
  • Finalising and optimising brand tone, including tone of communication.
  • Designing social media creative template and letterhead for day-to-day operation based on the finalised typography, colour and theme.
  • Architecting the App UX & UI envisioning scalability and high ROI from the beginning.

JMDS provide a complimentary consultation for their brand, considering future growth. Our graphic designer designed the logo to reconstruct the brand identity and creating brand awareness for Imperium Management. JMDS has taken care of every minor element that impacts the brand identity and recognition, be it font, colour, theme, tone and UX designing details. Our developer worked on a tight schedule and developed a beautifully customised app. Post this, the App worked better and more smoothly and user friendly. Recreating the brand resulted in increasing sales and eventually leading to higher ROI and brand influence. Imperium Management started coming into notice, and the audience gets aware of the brand resulting increase in social media followers. Project delivered within the deadline, and JMDS team is available for ongoing support, maintenance and minor changes.

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