About the client : Foxministry has generated over $5 billion in spread across various industries such as Technology, Telecom, E Commerce, FMCG, Consumer etc. It provides services such as Intelligent Database Management, Retail Analytics, Digital Marketing, Telesales, Field Sales and Marketing, Events and Experiential Marketing, Sales Training, Sales Process Automation.

The Problem:

Foxministry was looking for a software company which could provide it with a customized financial management solution which could cover team allocation accounting, to completing the six sigma processes.


JMDS partnered with Denave and designed and developed complete finance management solution to oversee and govern its income, expenses and assets, with the objective of maximizing profits and ensuring sustainability.

About JMDS:

At JMDS, we work closely with each client to understand their specific needs and expectations, understand their business environment to prepare an industry-based solution. We then develop customized software solutions that can help our clients with their business. Our team of developers is well-versed with the latest industry practices and we strive hard to assist our clients using the best technology and secure solutions.

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