An Overview of Foxministry

Fox Ministry is a growing apparel and fashion company making customised tailormade clothes. They provide cutting edge and bespoke fashion at an affordable price. Fox Ministry gives freedom to choose their customers their own fabric and make custom-made clothes that perfectly suit them. They work with the mission to help businesses find the best design, premium quality at a reasonable price. Their unique, fashionable and classy designs always stand out in the crowd. They believe in walking one step ahead of fashion and make the trend.

Problem Identification & Investigation

The whole solution process depends on the successful identification of problem and obstacles; the best and suitable solution only could be suggested if the problem is accurately and discreetly recognised. While recognising and understanding the problem, we went through the following processes:

Discussion with stakeholders

Discussion with stakeholders helps to understand the key areas where they’re experiencing obstacles and their cause to provide solutions accordingly. We discussed things related to the problem, including their vision, operation processes, operation conflicts and the current issues in detail to equip them with the required service. A precise and correct understanding of the problem always supports providing a better solution.

Business Processes

A better understanding of the problem and the causes enabled us to provide proper and personalised advice and solutions to smoothen the business and operation. Automation of business operation process helps to increase work efficiency by multiple folds. Since a smooth business process leads to business growth and achieving business goals in less time, understanding the business process is crucial to understanding the problem.


Understanding the SOPs of the Fox Ministry helped us avoid any inconsistencies in its protocols while providing the services. SOPs are the pilgrim of the smooth system and operation and reduce the probability of human errors.

Current Software Solutions

Understanding existing software solutions helped evolve the existing ones and find the ones that needed replacement to resolve the underlying problems. It helped us identify what new software could be installed to automate business processes and increase efficiency.

Budget Discussion

It’s better to discuss the budget to provide the best available solution in the given budget range and reduce the chance of negotiations and conflicts.

Requirement Gathering

Requirement gathering leads the process to provide a suitable and correct solution. To align with the client’s needs and meet their expectations to suit them with the end result, precisely understanding their requirements is important. We met the Fox Ministry’s expectations because we listened to them and their precise needs & requirements.

After completing all the discussion, analysis, and investigation process, we addressed the issue and offered the best possible solution. We concluded that the Fox Ministry was experiencing lag in the workflow due to the lack of proper guidance. They needed a thorough consultation, guidance and solution architecture for a flawless and smooth operation.

Solution provided by the company

After recognising the issue and underlying cause, we provided the best possible solutions based on the needs, requirements, expectations and budget of the Fox Ministry. The services provided are:


We arranged one-to-one meetings with the Fox Ministry’s project manager and provided a thorough consultation and support for every minor thing related to the business operation and issue they’re facing in the process. Our IT solutions and software expert team proposed cost-effective business process strategies that rely on IT performance and smooth operation.

Solution Architecture

Our solution architects worked on a schedule, mapped the entire solution structure for the Fox Ministry’s business operation and process and outlined the business capabilities to make things effective and efficient and enhance their operation. Considering Fox Ministry’s long-term goals, our team designed a set of solutions that ensures consistency and business growth. They created a few mockups for the Fox Ministry to decide the best fitting one.

We did intermediary development for Fox Ministry. After thorough analysis and consultation, they opted for the best-fitted solution architecture from all the proposed mockups and implemented it to their business operation processes. Our team worked within the time frame and successfully satisfied the Fox Ministry by delivering the solutions within the proposed timeline. After implementing the suggested solution, the Fox Ministry is not facing any inconsistency and conflicts in operation. They’re pleased and satisfied with the services provided by the JMDS.

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