Companies claim they are digital enterprises but Josh Machines is rare in its ability to understand and deliver all the interrelated areas for mobility success, all of which are essential for a truly integrated digital experience:

  • •   Technology
  • •   User Experience
  • •   Brand and Visual Design

1. Dedicated Usability and UI Design:- Josh Machines specializes in tailoring usability to both devices and people for their need to interact with technology. Since web apps & mobile apps engage with customers differently, Josh Machines enables different experience for the audience while maintaining ease of navigation and data synchronisation.

2. Core Services and Integration Layers:- From XML/JSON services, mobile security and OS version handling to enterprise, cloud, third-party gateways, and content management integration, Josh Machines recognizes that a mobile application doesn’t sit independently on its own. It needs to be as secure as any native application with the organization and it must interact seamlessly within an integrated landscape.

3. Mobility Across the Value Chain:- Josh Machines understands that mobility isn’t only about a mobile application. It is also about helping an organization deliver improved quality or a lower cost to service. Our digital enterprise experts create products and processes which aid in significantly reducing transaction costs, improving supply chain, and improved customer experience.