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The Problem:

Emami Limited was looking for a software company which could provide it with a customized Inventory management solution which would cover Material Package Accounting/Mapping, Inventory and Process check list, Stack Accountability, Scrap Traceability and MIS reporting.


JMDS addressed these problems with it’s customized product TraceX. TraceX is a Smart Tag Management Solution fitted with Wi Fi GPS and RFID/UHFID System. TraceX is synced in Real Time with Server Solution for Material Management, Inventory & Warehousing Management Systems. TraceX empowers the system with intelligent logistics object, gathering real time data of production floor, employees and process deliverables and manufacturing unit stats in real-time.

About JMDS:

At JMDS, we work closely with each client to understand their specific needs and expectations, understand their business environment to prepare an industry-based solution. We then develop customized software solutions that can help our clients with their business. Our team of developers is well-versed with the latest industry practices and we strive hard to assist our clients using the best technology and secure solutions.

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