We love startups for the simple fact that they bring challenges. Every new project is an opportunity to explore the unexplored, to think the unthinkable and to be able to design and deliver something new that is off the path and sometimes does not even have any technology development precedence.

We can be a potential technology partner for your business. We understand the constraints and problems faced by a start up. Josh Machines has in the past worked with start-ups and have provided technology solutions. For a start-up, time is never a luxury. One of the best ways to build your business is to take that idea in your head to market as soon as possible. Quicker turnaround time, trust, affordability and flexibility are the way of life at Josh Machines. These attributes have always made us a trusted name on technology development for startups.

Our Business Analysts and Technology Experts are capable of providing technology solution for most of the business applications that one can imagine, and just in case if you have chosen the off beaten track with no technology precedence, you have landed at the right door. Once the concept is realized in the form of mockups, wireframes and POCs, we engage early with your end users to make sure the product idea is being liked.

We will provide the best tips and solutions for your technology whether it’s scalability or strategies. We give you the instant technology consulting and support solution for your start-up and also make sure that your business will never go down.

These services are highlighted as:

  • Proof of Concept Development
  • Minimum Viable Product Development
  • Visual Design and Usability Experience Services
  • Independent Testing Services

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