JMDS's Access Management System is a multi facet solution based on UH RFID technology with universal engine & numerous integrating modules to cater day-to-day business needs.
AMS uses RFID Smart Cards that are carried or worn around by users. These cards are pre-configured with their respective access levels & area locations. Based on the reader locations & authorisation user carrying such cards are monitored for the access management.
This solution can also be integrated with biometric system to prevent card & identity theft. AMS is widely used for attendance, visitor-parking-security access management and guard patrolling.

Automatic Identification and Data Capture technology with RFID mechanism helps achieve a faster and more reliable solution for identifying material objects automatically.
RFID tags and transponders, store and retrieve remote data automatically as they are attached to or incorporated in a product or an asset and are recognized using radio waves.
AMS's MIS system can be integrated with accounting & preventative maintenance, thus managing & tracking assets become effortless.

RFID based Library Management System automate library processes and allows identification of large number of tagged items like books, publications, journals etc using radio waves.
LMS uses HF RFID technology to speed up the self check in check out process, inventory management & theft prevention.
LMS's MIS is KOHA based interface that manages complete automated library operations with higher customer satisfaction.

VTMS is a RFID based system for managing the entry/exit flow of vehicles in and out of premises. With extended GPRS system, their route tracking and scheduling is also possible.
The premises are secured with barriers that have UHRF readers capable of reading and identifying RFID tags from a distance. With VTMS's MIS panel, fleet and route management is done in real time. VTMS is fast & secure long range Identification system that manages & identifies vehicle, route and driver activities at all times.

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